Golden Slumbers (Le Sommeil d’Or), a film by Davy Chou to be screened at the SEA Arts Festival in London

ANA-supported film, Golden Slumbers, by Davy Chou will be screened at the SEA Arts Festival in London on October 26th 2013.

Golden Slumbers discovers the unknown history of the birth and destruction of Cambodian cinema, from the first film ever made in 1960 to the arrival of the Khmer Rouges in 1975. In 15 years, about 400 films were produced. Only 30 films remain today. Almost all the actors were killed during the Khmer Rouges regime and only a few of the directors were able to flee the country. Most of the old movie theaters of Phnom Penh have become restaurants, karaoke places or squats. With a few of the survivors telling their stories, Golden Slumbers tries to bring back to life the myths and legends of this lost cinema.

2010 grantee, Davy Chou is a Cambodian French filmmaker who is the grandson of Van Chann, a famous film producer in Cambodia in the 60s and the 70s.

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2011 ANA Grantee, Khoj Studios host preview to Rohini Devasher’s exhibition Deep Time

Deep Time is Devasher’s third solo show and the first to preview at the Khoj Studios. Drawing on research and fieldwork that began three years ago, Deep Time is part of an ongoing project that looks to map common points between astronomy and art practice, through the lens of metaphor. The works in the show, Monographed Geographies, Parts Unknown, Surface Tracking and Reading into the Stars are explorations of strange terrains where myth and fiction blur the boundaries of what is real and imagined.

This exhibition will serve as a preview to Devasher’s solo exhibition at Project 88 that opens on November 29.

Khoj Studios has built an international reputation for outstanding alternative arts incubation. It plays a central role in the development of experimental, interdisciplinary and critical contemporary art practice in India, constantly challenging the established thinking about art. With a focus on building networks, developing alternative pedagogies and learning through collaboration and exchange, Khoj programmes have nurtured vibrant imaginations and created unconventional synapses between art and disciplines such as science, architecture and fashion.

In 2011, ANA supported Khoj’s The Boat Project.

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Sasa Art Projects announces artists-in-residence for Pisaot 2013-2014

2011 grantee, Sasa Art Projects have announced their artists-in-residence for the 2013-2014 edition of the annual Pisaot residency programme in Cambodia.

The artists-in-residence are:

KONG Dara, long-term student at Sa Sa Art Projects, based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Dara's work to date has been mostly in drawing and painting; during his residency he plans to explore sculpture.
Emma OTA, established artist, curator and researcher based in Tokyo, Japan. During her residency, Emma plans to explore collaboration between children in the White Building and those in Tokyo.
PHOK Sopheap, emerging artist based in Battambang, Cambodia. Sopheap plans to expand his current practice in painting while exploring into sculpture and performance.
NGUYEN Thi Thanh Mai, new media artist based in Hue, Vietnam. During her residency, Mai plans to look into sex education with young women.
Blu Simon Wasem, experimental artist working with music and performance from Brazil. Blu plans to explore new performances with the community of the White Building.

Pisaot is a residency program for Cambodian artists, as well as selected international guests, to undertake an intensive six-week residency living and working in the Sa Sa Art Projects space, in the White Building, in central Phnom Penh. Artists are encouraged to experiment in their practice will not be asked to make work for an exhibition. Selected artists will be given the freedom to do anything they want. Artists-in-residence will also be encouraged to try new ways to use different media; any and all ideas are possible, as long as they are new.

To learn more about Pisaot, Sasa art projects, please visit their website at,


2013: Ban Verdict Overturned: “Boundary” has been cleared to screen with 18-plus rating.

The banning of the film, Boundary, has been overturned by the Film and Video Board, attached to the Office of Cultural Promotion, Thailand. The filmmaker, Nontawat Numbenchapol, was contacted on 25 April 2013 and informed of the “technical mistake”.

Check out the film’s website at for details and the latest developments.

Boundary, a film by 2011 ANA Grantee Nontawat Numbenchapol, which examines territorial boundary, and boundary between social classes, boundary between birth and death, and boundary between happiness and sorrow, has been banned by the Censorship Committee in Bangkok. 

Boundary is Inspired by the life of Aod, a soldier from the Sisaket, a Northeastern province in Thailand that borders Cambodia and Preah Vihear Temple, who was sent off to the south which is dangerous from the insurgency, and was subsequently ordered to disperse the 'Red Shirts' protesters in Bangkok, but was discharged before the decisive point of the situation. 

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2012: Tay Tong, ANA Director, participates in “Culture and Social Innovation Tokyo Conference 2012” organised by the Japan Foundation and Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History & Culture.


2012: ANA Announces 2012 Grants Awardees.


2012: ANA collaborated with The Prince Claus Fund to invite applications to the Prince Claus Fund Open Call for 2012. 


2011 Febuary: Tay Tong, ANA Director participated in the IETM Satellite Meeting in Yokohama, Japan, 14-16 February 2011. He shared his views on mobility fund in Asia.


2011: ANA Announces 2011 Grants Awardees 


2011 January: ANA Peer Panel Meeting, 6-9 January 2011, Taipei, Taiwan.
Reception for networking with local artists, curators and cultural workers, co-hosted by ANA, Bamboo Curtain Studio/Bamboo Cultural International and Taipei Artist Village (TAV) was held on 7 January 2011 at TAV.


2011: Anoli Perera, a visual artist and curator and one of the ANA Peer Panel Members from Colombo, Sri Lanka gave a talk on Sri Lankan Contemporary Art on 4 January 2011 at 72-13, Singapore.


2010: The publication with the profile of ANA, “Mapping Cultural Diversity: Good Practices From Around The Globe” was launched at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris in late November 2010. The e-version of the publication can be downloaded at .
The publication is also featured on, an online platform on arts and culture in Asia and Europe, at:
The profile of ANA begins on Page 101 of the publication.


2010: ANA Announces Awardees for the ANA 2010 Grants


2012:ANA New Peer Panel Members (2010-2012)


2008: ANA supports ‘Docs from the South’, a program of documentaries from South Asia, as part of Bangkok International Film Festival, 23-30 September 2008. 
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