Project Proposal to ANA submitted by RogueArt

1. Aims / Objective / Goals of project

Our developing art community and network enables thepooling of resources and development of discourse. SEARCH sees SoutheastAsia as a useful and meaningful framework and platform for collecting and exchanging knowledge and documentation of contemporary art practices.

The aims of SEARCH are to provide an important and usefu lreference for Southeast Asian art for researchers, artists, curators, collectors and the general public, 2) harness and activate network of artworkers, artists and researchers for the pooling of knowledge and resources.

2. Brief description of project

A pilot online and index for Southeast Asian modern and contemporary art, including:
- mapping of online resources on art in the region - from archives, listings, blogs and forums to institutional, gallery and alternative sites
- a customised search engine for easy and focused results. - A reading section is also being developed with recommanded references and articles. - A noticeboard for resource-based regional newsfeed - We also plan to trawl for "lost files" relating to regional art, redirecting inaccessible/defunct material to our site.

SEARCH could also become an online forum for networking and the exchange of knowledge, and a focus for future events and presentations.

SEARCH is planned as a long-term, developmental project aiming to invole and work in tandem wirh regional researchers and organisations.

3. Methodology / Implementation of project

STAGE 1: CONTENT SET-UP: RogueArt has set up a basic website, providing indexed links and customised search engine, content based on existing knowledge, consultation with contacts and internet research.

STAGE 2A: BUILDING CONTENT: inviting researchers and other parties to contribute existing PDFs and links to region-based articles, current news.

STAGE 2B: DISSEMINATION: linking with indexed sites, e-mailing/facebook invitations to use SEARCH, handing out SEARCH cards at regional/international art events.

STAGE 3 & ONWARDS: with assistance, fortnightly updates of links, articles and news.

STAGE 4: if funding allows, creation of new editorial content, initiation of network/ resource-related projects .

4. Time frame of project

July-Sept 2011 preliminary development of site content
Sept 2011 SEARCH launched at SH Contemporary
Mar - Aug 2012 upgrading of site, developing new content where possible
Aug 2012 launch of upgraded site
Aug 2012 onwards ongoing maintenance and updating of site

5. Projected output of project (is it a workshop, a discussion, a showing, etc.?)

Upgraded website for:

6. Who is your target audience for your project?

Researchers, artists, curators, collectors and the general public based in Southeast Asia, or with an interest in Southeast Asian art.

7. How do you propose to disseminate information about the project to your target audience>

- creating links with sites on our index, to list SEARCH on their sites
- using RogueArt networking channels (e-mail, facebook)
- SEARCH facebook page
- regional networking at arts events, SEARCH business cards.

8. How do you think your project will create impact on the art communities/the cultures that you want to engage with? How will it develop the field of your term?

SEARCH provies a specifically regional platform for art resources and information, both as an introduction to visitors from outside Southeast Asia, and as a point of access for those within the region interested in intra-regional discourse, networking activities and what their neighbours are up to. It is important as a framing device for the region, as well as a point of collection of online resource materials, much of which is sporadic or difficult to access without prior knowledge. We believe that recent market-driven concerns have often out-weighed, or out-run the development of art and infrastructural discourse, and that a modest project like SEARCH helps to underline and support the need for a stronger knowledge base and network, helpful in turn for a stronger foundation for regional art practice.