Arts Network Asia (ANA) will consider projects that encourage challenging, provocative exchanges and collaborations between different cultures within Asia. This includes contemporary art, contemporary art and its relationship to traditional arts or encounters between traditional cultures.

These collaborations and exchanges can be with diverse cultures of the same country or even the same city.

One of the objectives of the new ANA is to explore the potential of local-regional-global complementation. Hence the local continuities of relating to different generations, linking memories, local wisdoms and the future sustainabilities of cultures will also be considered.

ANA primarily supports processes as opposed to products. We are open to partially supporting existing or new projects. In considering proposals, we will look positively at the reality of funding you already have from other sources.

Our grants are up to a maximum of US$10 000.

We support many fields of communication: hybrid interdisciplinary work, performance, community projects, visual arts, video/film, youth projects, literature, critical discourse, technical training and arts management.

We believe that such a grant scheme is the most participatory way to approach a broad and inclusive base responding to the needs within Asia. Hence, the workshops, collaborative processes, research, study grants, residencies, internships should move towards diversity, mutual understanding, empowerment, autonomy, dialogue through arts and culture.

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