The ANA Peer Communities will provide information on the ground and also nurture grantees’ exchanges/collaborations. They form a sustainable network to encourage participation from a larger community of artists/arts organisations across Asia. This larger community would ensure diversity, more effective dissemination of information to different groups within the country or even the same city. Ultimately with the Peer Communities, the ANA will provide more equal opportunities to individuals or groups who are interested in applying for the ANA grants.

1. Tactical Media Workshop: Publication Design <Creating Critical and Creative Journal for a New Era of Myanmar>, Workshop: 26 June 2012 - 12 July 2012, Exhibition: 20 - 22 July 2012,
Yangon, Myanmar.
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2. Theatre of the Disturbed, iUi # 2.5: International Festival of Contemporary Theatre and Performance, 3 to 11 February 2012, Yangon, Myanmar.
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3. Asia Pacific Performance Exchange (APPEX) Fellowship Program/Residency in Bali, 2010.
Organised by World Arts and Cultures, Center for Intercultural Performance, University of California, Los Angeles.

4. Indonesian Visual Art Archive (IVAA) and Asia Art Archive (AAA), IVAA-AAA Researchers Exchange Program 2010, July-September 2010, Yogyakarta and Hong Kong
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5. Cambodia Living Arts (CLA), Workshop on Large Shadow Puppet, Cambodian Youth Arts Festival 2010, 7-11 August 2010, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
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6. Midnight University and Prachatai, Media Activists’ Creative Workshop, Bangkok; 16-19 February and Chiang Mai; 21-24 February 2009

7. Caochangdi Workstation & Living Dance Studio, Young Choreographer Project: Engaging Southeast Asian and Chinese Young Choreographers and Dancers, 28 September – 8 October 2008,
Beijing, China.
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8. ruangrupa – Jakarta 32 °C, January - August 2008,
Jakarta, Indonesia.
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9. KHOJ International Artists Association, New Delhi and Desire Machine, Guwahati, India.
Periferry 1.0, 2007-2008
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